Cooling On Roof

Cool Roof Treatment on I.P.S / Cemented Smooth Roof

A cool roof reflects and emits the sun’s energy as light back to the sky instead of allowing it to enter the building below as heat. In many climate zones, a cool roof can substantially reduce the cooling load of the building, providing several direct benefits to the building owner and occupants:

  • increased occupant comfort, especially during hot summer months
  • decreased roof maintenance costs due to longer roof life.

Providing Service For:

  • Cooling on old metal sheet
  • Cooling on asbestos sheet
  • Cooling on RCC Roof
  • Cooling on Fabric canopies
  • Cooling on Flat Roof
  • Cooling on cement Surface

Surface Preparation:

  • Clean the roof from dust / grease/oil / rust

If on old roof black algae is present; sprinkle some Alga R solution (algae remover); rub & clean the roof with wire brush; wash the surface again with fresh water using pressure pump.