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Cool Roofing Solutions & Waterproofing

India is a fast developing nation with an ever-growing need for energy. Energy saved is energy conserved. The enormous economic changes have broadened its horizons. Today we have an economy that is galloping at a furious rate. This growth has increased our demand for energy conservation for fight against drastic environmental changes, smog and declining air quality mainly due to the increased pollution & solar heat. Builders, Architects, Service Consultants and users alike are constantly looking for ways to enhances and protect the quality & Aesthetics of structural construction by preventing erosion. Also, they are looking to enhance energy-efficiency in buildings. Our coating chemicals include waterproof roofing solutions coating chemicals, insulation coatings, waterproof coating solution, thermal insulation coatings etc.

Insulation in buildings has a potential to reduce overall energy consumption to an extent of 10-20%. Optimum level of building insulation not only helps lower the monthly energy bills, but also adds to the overall comfort. Panache Green Solutions is leader in Cool Roofing solutions & Water proofing technology and a strong supporter of sustainable and renewable building technologies. We provide value-for-money solutions without compromising the technical integrity of complete ENERGY CONSERVATIVE COATING for all structural constructions & GREEN BUILDINGS, Heat repelling & waterproofing systems based on nanotechnology & IR Reflection Technology. Company is primarily involved in manufacturing, marketing & distribution of innovative products – chemical coatings for energy conservation & Insulation, which includes – Reflective Coatings, Insulating Coatings, waterproofing products & Industrial coatings.

All our products are ecofriendly & Reflective coatings adds benefit to human comforts by reducing indoor under deck temp up to 140C and saving the electricity bills by reducing AC consumption up to 40%.The product system overall contribute to combat Global Warming. The company is towards its road to success with the same vision of Energy conservation & innovation.

The company is dedicated towards marketing high quality value-added products to its customers worldwide. The company has started spreading its wings nationally & internationally. Taking the advantage of the niche chemical capital of India, Baroda, and company has attained a substantial growth in business during last 3 years.

Present structure of company has offices in various location of India; In addition to this company is in process to have overseas arms in Oman, UAE, Singapore & Other Middle East & African countries. Company has a multifarious business portfolio comprising of trading, manufacturing and joint ventures in niche chemical coatings.

“All our products are time tested & approved for GREEN Buildings.”

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