Roof Cooling

Cool Roofs Are A Cost-Effective Strategy To Save Energy, Improves Cities, And Cools The Planet. Panache is moving ahead with the aim to revolutionize Energy Saving by its Cool Protective Enveloping for Buildings & Industries.

Panache has taken a practical approach & developed the Cool Roofs Coating system which is compatible with all type of roofs – flat, slant, corrugated, industrial, residential. Panache also has taken initiatives to provide with quality compliant installation of Cool roofs with best output & justify the value for money worth paid for. Panache’s Cool Roofs are based on IR Reflection Technology – they reflects the IR Rays as such in atmosphere; stops the heat generation at the surface itself, thus reducing heat emission in the atmosphere as well transmission of heat indoors.

IR Reflection Technology – responsible for reflecting precisely the IR wavelength spectrum from the total solar spectrum of Sun radiation. White roofs reflect sunlight, keeping our buildings and cities cooler. For example, a white roof in temperate or tropical regions absorbs about 70% less sunlight than an ordinary roof. White roofs cool the human environment as well as the atmosphere, and reduce our need for air conditioning.

  • Cool roof from Panache is a complete system installed for the best of cooling effects.
  • Roof cooling and Insulation from Panache provides with the – Cool Roof – Indoor cooling by reflecting the IR Radiation Reduce the ingress of heat generated by solar radiation.
  • Insulation: Reduce the heat & cold transmittance by controlling the thermal conduction.

Major technology used for solar insulation for Roof cooling is by use of IR Reflection technology & nanotechnology.

IR Reflection Technology- The heat that we feel from sunlight is due to the infrared rays coming from Sun. This technology reflects the IR rays and thus maintains the temperature cool.

Nanotechnology- Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale

Study Of Solar Power Distribution

(Rays coming from SUN) shows that Near Infra-Red Rays (NIR) contributes to maximum heat & maximum rays coming to Earth. Figure courtesy of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, Berkeley, Calif.

Cooling Treatment Features & Benefits

  • Reduces Indoor Temperature by Up to 6 to 12 °C
  • Reduce Surface Temp by up to 18 – 20 °C
  • AC consumption reduced by up to 35%
  • Electricity bill cost saving by up to 35%
  • Reduces Heat Island Effect (atmospheric Temp)
  • Minimum life of 2 to 7 years
  • Eco Friendly
  • Breathable & Washable coating