Reflective Roof Coating - COOL HOMES WITHOUT AC!

Technology – I R REFLECTION Technology & NANO TECHNOLOGY

Cool Guard is single component modified acrylic powder. Cool Guard emulsion is being made on site by adding water to the powder. Cool Guard amends roofs just like new and provides energy conservation for temperature stability. It’s being UV resistant, ecofriendly, NIL VOC adds to environment benefits.

Features & benefits

  • SRI – 107; Reflectivity – 87 % Emissivity – 0.86.
  • Stops Heating Of Roofs due to Sun Exposure.
  • Reduces Indoor under deck surface temperature by up to 6 -120C.
  • Air Conditioning Running Cost Reduces by up to 30% .
  • Electricity bills are saved by up to 30%.
  • Very Effective on Tin sheds/ Asbestos Sheds/Galvanized /Cement Industrial Sheds.
  • Can be applied on any type of material - Metal, Wood, Syntax Water Tanks, Concrete, IPS, China mosaic, Tiles etc.
  • Life of Cool Roof can be increased & made dust / algae repellant by applying transparent coat of Transeal above Mx Cool guard.
  • Easy in application - Can be applied by brush, roller & spray.

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