Reflective Top Most Cool Roof Coating!

Technology – I R REFLECTION Technology & NANO TECHNOLOGY

Cool Top amends roofs just like new and provides energy conservation for temperature stability. It’s being UV resistant, ecofriendly, NIL VOC adds to environment benefits with added advantage of Silicon cross linking Technology. Different color shades can also be achieved with reflective pigments.

Feature & Benefits

  • SRI – 109; Reflectivity – 90%; Emissivity – 0.86.
  • Decorative with low dirt pick up.
  • Breathe ability for preventing moisture in roofs (MICROPOROUS).
  • ECOFRIENDLY; Used for Green buildings.
  • Cool Guard on flat as well as sloping roofs for better finishing, brightness, reduced porosity & c.
  • Cool Top surface keeps cool in highest temp also.
  • Stops Heating Of Roofs due to Sun Exposure.
  • Reduces Surface Temperature by up 14 - 240 C in Peak Summers.
  • Reduces Indoor under Deck Surface Temperature by up to 14 0 C.
  • Air Conditioning Running Cost Reduces by up to 40%.
  • Electricity bills are saved by up to 40%.
  • Reduces Heat Island Temperature – Increase labor productivity.
  • When applied on metal sheets; Prevents Corrosion of metal sheets.
  • Can be applied on any type of material – cement, metal, wood, Syntax Water Tanks, concrete, RCC, IPS.
  • Protects the IPS of roof to develop further cracks by controlling temp variance.

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