Insulated Mortar Mix For Reducing Thermal Transmittance From Hot & Cold Source…

Insulmix is a light grey pre packed cement based powder mortar mix composed of special hydraulic binders with sealed expanded clay, expanded microspheres and minerals and special additive for thermal insulation for roof.

By the use of these expanded clay & microspheres, the resultant cellular structure accounts for the lightweight and excellent thermal insulation properties. Compared to the other light weight mortars, however Mx Insulmix is more resistance to rain water and has higher strength.

Features & Benefits

  • Thermal Transmittance is reduced.
  • Insulmix provides better insulation with desired high resistivity & less conductivity.
  • It has good compression strength.
  • Due to compact structure of expanded grits; settling of material does not takes place and air gap and cracks in IPS is not formed.
  • Insulated mortar being cement & masonry based prevents any crack formation after drying or with time.

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