High SRI Cool, Elastomeric Reflective coatings for drive way / paver area, Reflective Solar Coat Reduces Heat Island Effect.

Solar coat is a light greenish / whitish grey / White pre packed nano technology & IR technology based ready to coat paints composed of acrylic binders with reflective pigments, reflective agents, microspheres and minerals and special additive for crack prevention and anti-algae and anti-fungal components.

Features & Benefits

  • SRI – 38.
  • ECOFRIENDLY Used for Green buildings.
  • Single component.
  • Must be used as under coat with product “TRANSCOAT” (a transparent protective coating) for better finishing & brightness.
  • High tensile strength, tear resistance & bond strength, can easily bear normal foot traffic so recommended for all type of drive ways & Pavers.
  • Good resistance - Against UV, Infrared rays and algal & fungal growth.
  • Stops Heating Of pavers / drive way due to Sun Exposure.
  • It keeps the surface temperature reduced which helps to keep the city temperature in control when applied at mass level.


  • Drive ways
  • pavements
  • Roof of affordable houses

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