Transparent Water proofing, anti- carbonation & Dust Repellent Coating applied mainly as top coat on Paver Blocks or Cool roof with high foot traffic.

Trans PU coat is water dispersed PU based Transparent liquid used for providing Transparent water proofing & scratch resistance to porous structures of paver blocks, drive ways, concrete, plaster, IPS. (Water Based PUD With Matt & Gloss finish) It’s one component product & has to be stirred before use.

Trans PU coat is versatile and environmentally friendly coating materials with a base of water based Polyurethane dispersions. It can be thus used for all GREEN Buildings. Trans PU coat is flexible, non-tacky, light-fast, resistant to ageing, heat-sealable, odorless.

Features & Benefits

  • Gives water protection to masonry substrate.
  • Enhances the aesthetics of the surface.
  • Give strength & thermal reflectivity to substrate, thus it does not crack due to heat.
  • Gives smooth & super finish to the surface.
  • Surface become less susceptible to pick up dirt, and is fast and easy to clean.
  • Trans PU Coat at room temperature gives very highly flexible crack-free films.
  • Has good resistance to many solvents and chemicals
  • The Trans PU Coat has a life of 5 years even in exposed areas as they have excellent UV resistance against yellowing, cracking or peeling.
  • It is having anti algae & anti moss effect also.
  • It has stain resistance also.
  • Has No health hazards.
  • When Trans PU coat applied on Cool roof coating, it gives tile like effect also.
  • Bonds fully to most substrates, preventing the migration of water.

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