Green Initiatives of Sidhivinayak Temple – Eco Cool Roofs to “Go Green”

May 18, 2017

Panache Green is a company in Gujarat, working in the field of specialty paints. The company has a Joint Venture with Ino-Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. and Milenium Solutions, USA for developing an innovative product “IR Reflective Mx Cool Top” in the category of cool paint.

April 21, 2017: Energy Conservation is the need of the hour as the Planet Earth is facing continuous increase in atmospheric temperatures and depletion of its natural resources. Combating the climate change issues, Panache Green has a range of products that provides indoor temperature reduction with its Eco Cool roof cooling system done by its product IR Reflective Mx Cool Top. It is a reflective paint to help keep terrace as well as room temperature cool by reflecting most of the sunlight by using the latest IR Reflection technology and Nano Technology.

A major achievement by the group can be witnessed in its latest Sidhivinayak Temple Trust Project in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Here the experts from the company installed the Premium Cool Roof System on the temple roof. This resulted in the dropping of the surface temperature by 18°C and the under deck temperature reduced to nearly 5-7°C.

The Eco Cool Roofs will also save the AC running cost and increase the efficiency of 1 KW Solar plant installed by Ino-Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Panache Green 

Our Focus on Efficient Energy Conservation

Most of the projects started by the government focus on the smart city projects. Hence, we have concentrated upon Green building projects. This call of the green city will help in reducing the overall heat temperature of the city by 3°C. Moreover, Cool Roof system has many versatile features:

  • It helps in reduction of heat generation by reflecting the IR radiation coming from sun and not letting these radiation to be absorbed and convert into heat! Thus, heat generation is stopped on the surface by reflecting the IR radiation for Indoor Cooling.
  • Eco Cool Roof System of Mx Cool Guard and the Mx Cool Top can save the electricity and AC running cost by up to 25 % to 35%!
  • The Eco Cool Roofs can be applied to any surface like cement sheets, asbestos, concrete, metal industrial sheets, China mosaic, etc.
  • According to the experts, considering the dusty Indian atmosphere, success of Eco Cool Roof lies in application of TranSeal to make the Cool Roof surface water and dust resistant.

Variants of Cool Roof Treatments

The Cool Roof Treatment for the buildings is classified into the Classic Cool Roof System and Premium Eco Cool Roof System. The Classic Cool Roof helps in reduction of 8°C to 9°C of temperature, whereas the Premium Eco Cool Roof minimizes the temperature upto 12-14°C. The Classic treatment comes with no warranty and two coatings Mx Cool guard, one TranSeal coating. The Premium Eco Cool Roof treatment offers five years of warranty with 2 coats of Mx Cool Guard, two coats of Mx Cool Top and one coat of TranSeal.

About the Companies

Panache Green with a Joint Venture with Ino-Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. and Milenium Solutions, USA, provides eco-friendly and reflective coatings for commercial and residential properties. They focus mainly on green buildings with maximum energy conservation. For more details, please visit, http://www.panachegreen.com/.

Media Contact:

Mrs. Neetu Jain – Panache Green

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Mr. Unmesh Jagtap – Ino-Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Written by Neetu Jain

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