COOL, Elastomeric & Crack Free Roof Coating
Cooler roofs mean Longer Life of roofs with crack prevention & contribution to indoor cooling. Mx Cool Guard is single component modified acrylic powder. Mx Cool Guard emulsion is being made on site by adding water to the powder. Mx Cool Guard amends roofs just like new and provides energy conservation for temperature stability. It’s being UV resistant, eco friendly, NIL VOC adds to environment benefits.

    • SRI – 107; Reflectivity – 87 % Emissivity – 0.86
    • Breathe ability for preventing moisture in roofs (MICROPOROUS).

ECOFRIENDLY (Inert & Non-toxic). Used for Green buildings.


IR Reflection Technology- The heat that we feel from sunlight is due to the infrared rays coming from Sun. This technology reflects the IR rays and thus maintains the temperature cool.

Nanotechnology- Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale


  • Stops Heating Of Roofs due to Sun Exposure .
  • Reduces Indoor Temperature by 4 – 8 0 C.
  • Reduces under deck surface temperature by up to 6 -12 0 C.
  • Thus Cools Down the House/ Industries.
  • Mx Cool Guard surface keeps cool in highest temp also.


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