Roof Waterproofing:
Roof is the area from where maximum crack development takes place due to increased rate of expansion & contraction as a consequence of extreme temp variance & variance in workmanship. This ends in water leakage & hence corrosion of reinforcement and thus deterioration of the construction before time; renovation cost, maintenance cost.Roof Waterproofing from Panache gives the range of products protecting the roof from water leakage & weather resistance. Roof Waterproofing provides complete system for protecting the roof from water leakage at various places & for various applications. Roof Waterproofing also has the specialty of providing complete system for any problem with technical backups.

Roof Waterproofing From Panache Provides With The Unique Products:

  • Hi Seal Bond – PU based waterproofing coating (For Fabric)
  • Hi Seal Slurry – Waterproofing Liquid ( used with cement)
  • Transeal – Water repellent for roof (horizontal surface)
  • Hi Ce-Pack – Admix to add with cement mortar (strength, waterproofing & crack prevention)

Flexible Waterproofing Emulsion It is a white milky compound acrylic latex polymeric additive. It forms a dusty grey coloured film.
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Transeal is Polysiloxane base water repellent working with combination of pore blocker silicones & Nanotechnology.
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Nano Gel

Nano Gel® is a water based concrete penetrating film forming sealer formulated to waterproof, damp proof, seal and keep the natural appearance and profile of Portland cement based concrete.
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Hi Ce- Pack

Hi Ce- Pack is specially formulated additive composed of cement compatible, surface active agent, polymers & additives.
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