April 26, 2017

Everyone who has metallic machinery, spare parts or tools have to go through the rusting problem at least once in their life time. When you go to the market, you will see long range of products claiming to be anti corrosive. Ultimate goal of all these products is to remove the rust from the metallic surface but mode of action of different products is different. You have to select a product best suited for you to use and for your machinery.

anti corrosion

Anti corrosion products can be mainly classified in two categories:

  • Rust converters: As the name suggests these products converts the rust or iron oxide present on the surface of the metal into another inert compound iron phosphate. Iron phosphate does not react with air and moisture to cause rusting; on the contrary it prevents further rusting of the metal. If you select rust converter for your rusting problems then you will be saved from scrubbing of the rust from the metal surface. All you need to do is scrap of any lose flake of rust, apply converter to the surface and leave it over night for the chemical reaction to happen. Once the iron oxide has been converted into iron phosphate you can apply a top coat of anti rust paint on it. You machinery will not go through any rusting till this top coat is intact.


  • Rust Remover: Unlike rust converter, rust removers do not cause any chemical reaction to eliminate rusting from the metal surface. It is a conventional method used since decades for rust removal from any surface. You have to scrap of entire rust or iron oxide from the metal surface using rust remover. Oxalic acid is used as an active ingredient in these rust removers and it should be handled with care as it can prove to be very harmful or toxic if not handled cautiously. It is better that you hire an experience person to do the job. Rust removers should be kept away from children and should not be used in their presence.

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Written by Neetu Jain