Flexible Waterproofing Compound

Hi Seal Slurry is a white milky compound acrylic latex polymeric additive. It forms a dusty grey colored coating when applied with grey cement. Upon adding cement and water it forms a water-based protective elastomeric waterproof coating.

Features & Benefits

  • Hi Seal Slurry has good adhesion with the substrate.
  • It is resistant to chemicals
  • It has good resistance to fungus and micro-organism growth
  • It Increases bond strength, flexural, tensile strength and elasticity when added with any mineral to form coating.
  • Highly durable with continuous water contact
  • Reduces permeability; Provides breathability; Increases workability

Applications :

  • Waterproofing building terraces; toilets; walls; basements.
  • Waterproofing water tanks and swimming pools.
  • Bonding new concrete to old concrete.
  • Patching and levelling applications.
  • Additive with cement paints to improve its waterproofing property, coverage and life of the cement paint.
  • Coating on a new wall before putty and paints for better bonding.
  • Waterproofing additive for cement slurry coats.
  • Recommended for underground structures and repair of damaged concrete.
  • Protect corroded reinforcement in an existing structure.

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