Rust Remover cum Rust Preventive Coating:

Rustop is a blend of complex inorganic and organic chemicals to work as rust remover and preventer. The product converts existing rust into protective complex on an iron, steel or any metal (copper, aluminum, brass or the like) surface. Light rust gets dissolved and is set loose to be removed & the surface gets clean & the heavy rust is converted into a protective complex. This protective complex forms a film tightly bonded to the surface and which prevents further oxidation and subsequent formation of rust on the surfaces. The product is very much effective over a long period of time and the surface prepared by applying the product is readily available / suitable for applying paint coatings on the same.

Features & Benefits

  • There is no need to remove the compound from the surface after removing the rust i.e. there is no need to clean the surface before applying paint.
  • No need of scrapping or manual rust removal operation.
  • No need for another coating after rust removing operation. It itself also will act as a protective coating.
  • Any type of other coating / paint also can be applied on the substrate treated with the Rustop.