Green Buildings

Voluntary pursuit of any activity that encompasses the concern for energy efficiency, environmental management, water management, renewable energy, waste management and recycling is called GREEN.

  •  Panache's Role in Green buildings!

    • What is Green?

    The Green Building and Conventional Building both look alike externally and the use of both the building is the same. The only difference is Operational savings and Concern for Human comfort And Indoor environment.

    • What is Green Building Concept?

      • Green building is the one which is environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy place to live and work.
      • Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) Green Building rating system developed by the U.S Green building Council (USGBC) provides standards for environmentally sustainable constructions.
      • Buildings which promote use of renewable energy and recyclable/recycled products, focus on efficient use of water, minimum use of energy, improve occupant health and comfort are known as Green Buildings.
      • Benefits of Green Buildings:

      • 30 – 40% reduction in operation cost.
      • Energy Savings up to 40-50 %
      • Water Savings up to 20-30 %
      • Reduce Operating cost from day one.
      • Green corporate image.
      • Health and safety of building occupant.
      • Enhance occupant comfort.
      • Improve productivity of occupants.
      • Imbibe best operational practice from day one.
      • Incorporate best and latest techniques and technologies present in the industry.
      • Offers both tangible and non-tangible benefits for long term.

      A building that follows the parameters laid down, offers benefits; both tangible and intangible.

      • Tangible & Nontangible BENEFITS

        • Tangible benefits

          • A 20 to 30 per cent saving in water and 30 to 50 per cent in operating energy costs are the tangible benefits.
          • Intangible benefits -The intangible benefits include

            • Enhanced air quality
            • Excellent day lighting
            • Health and well being of the occupants
            • Safety benefits and Conservation of scarce resources
            • Water conservation through reduced use and recycling and Lower energy consumption through the use of efficient electrical devices are emphasized.
            • Soil erosion control with regard to site efficiency and adoption of rainwater harvesting systems.
            • Water efficiency by Installation of water efficient fixtures.

            In India, Green Buildings have become popular thanks to the growing construction industry and the tropical nature of our climate. Due to the tropical climate we have a heavy influx of heat and light. Studies have shown that the average annual spending on the energy bill consists of:

            In order to overcome the above limitations made by builders & architects there is need for Green Construction.

            Panache helps to give you Green Architecture by providing environmentally safe, eco-friendly; Water based Systems which gives you natural cooling, Insulation & water proofing needs of Roof & Walls both which signifies Cool comfortable & Affordable housing without AC.

            • What is NEED for Green Construction?

              • 35% on cooling load (air-conditioning)
              • 20% on artificial lighting, in spite of excessive natural light.

              As one of the leader in products for the construction market, Panache has set its sights on providing innovative solutions to two key challenges of the future:

              Panache offers high-performance energy-saving solutions through its extensive range of products/materials/ services for integrated system of Reflective Cooling, Insulation , Evaporative Cooling & Waterproofing to envelop complete construction ensuring the construction to be cool , crack free , algae & fungus free & water tight.

              • What are Green Products?

                • Energy Saving
                • Environmental Protection

                Making buildings more energy efficient is at the heart of Panache’s strategy and it offers enhanced solutions by striving to help protect the environment while at the same time improving comfort and quality of life.

                • Panache product range & services supports

                  • To Create Cool Green Cities.
                  • To reduce city temperature by 30c.
                  • To protect the environment.
                  • To make buildings and industries “Cool without AC”.
                  • Industrial water proofing application by food grade products.
                  • To combat Global Warming by reducing Heat Island Effect!

                  Panache harmonizes a structure with its environment and has varied “Green” benefits. Green Buildings has few major areas which have potential to be tapped through appropriate usage in the design of the building by various below mentioned means:


                  • Contribution of Panache In LEED/ GRIHA/NB Ratings:


                    • Energy and Atmosphere: High Thermal Insulation

                      • The use of Cool Guard, Cool Top, Cool wrap, Insul Mix – IR reflective & insulation products result in reduction of Power costs. A complete building simulation model can also be performed to highlight reduced energy costs.
                      • Due to numerous microspheres and hollow grits in Insulative mortar Mixture (Insul Mix), it has a very low thermal conductivity and makes it excellent thermal insulation material
                      • Due to IR Reflection in Cool Wrap & Cool Guard, Cool Top reduces heat production & thus its transmittance.
                      • Due to reduced surface temperature by up to 18 0 C & indoor temperature reduction by up to 6-80C; it reduces air conditioning loads by as much as 25-30% ,thus saving capital costs of AC.
                      • Due to reduced operational loads, it saves on electricity bills and conserves nation’s fuel and environment.
                      • Service of Evaporative Cooling by Panache provides with dual benefit of reducing electricity bills by 60% in comparison of AC and also provides with benefit of fresh air quality!
                      • Material & Resources: Regional Materials

                        • The distance from the manufacturing/fabrication facility to the job site is a major factor in gaining points under the Regional Materials Credit. Panache manufacturing facility at Jodhpur (Rajasthan) and Vadodara (Gujarat) contribute towards achieving points under this credit. Our channel partner all over India makes this point possible.
                        • Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ): Daylight and Views:

                          • The natural visibility and green effect lets you feel cool without any artificial resources and also helps in avoiding the effect of global warming. Indoor application gives bright indoor effect due to its reflectivity hence in the visibility. Insulated interior cool co paints ads to the air conditions effectively. The Evaporative System acting as fresh air handling unit too with reduced cost by 50% maintains the indoor Environment quality.
                          • Innovation & Design Process (ID): Innovation in Design:

                            • Panache’s apart from the prescribed requirements of energy efficiency, recyclability and day lighting provide higher degree of Acoustic Insulation that ward off unwanted noise from the external atmosphere and can keep itself clean without any maintenance hassles. All Panache’s products provides solar control and are value added that fulfils the requirements of customer and give him total satisfaction.
                            • Nil VOC, Lead & Chromate Free: Eco – Friendly:

                              • Green building criteria emphasizes the energy-efficient performance of materials and minimum or NIL VOC, Lead & Chromate hazardous content use. Given this background Panache products form indispensable materials for green building with NIL VOC & Lead – Chromate free water based products. Studies have proven time and again that this NIL VOC could substantially improve the productivity and health of the occupants of a building & comfort level in institutes, hospitals which cuts down 80% of solar gain. All products from Panache are Low VOC, Water based; also the customized wood finishes!
                              • Combats Global Warming – Heat Island Effect Reduced:

                                • I R Reflective coatings is based on the principle of reflecting NIR Rays from Sun in the atmosphere, since NIR Rays are not absorbed by the substrate, heat energy is not produced & hence atmosphere is prevented from increased load of heat, hence reducing Heat Island effect & also reducing the rate of contraction & expansion in the construction – preventing crack development.
                                • Low Thermal Mass: Ads to indoor cooling effect

                                  • IR Reflective Coatings & the insulated mortar mix helps to lower down overall thermal mass and thus it results in Increased AC effect for longer duration with same power consumption.
                                  • Reduces Dead Load on Structure: Recyclability

                                    • Panache’s Cool Roofing System & Insulation system, being lighter than conventional coatings it reduces the dead load on the structure. Panache Products are completely recyclable and non-toxic in nature. They satisfy all the ecological parameters of being the most sought after “Green Building Materials” in Green Buildings. In lieu of its life theses coatings have very less maintenance & frequency of recyclability is controlled. These factors help to contribute:
                                      • Great savings in foundation and structural costs due to decrease in overall dead load.
                                      • Reduces dead load during earthquake destruction.
                                    • Acoustic Insulation: Controls noise pollution:

                                      • Insulation mortar mix has natural acoustic insulation due to its aerated structure and has superior sound absorption properties in comparison with other materials. Insul Mix Mortar mix thus helps in achieving optimum degree of acoustic comfort.
                                        It reduces outdoor noise pollution and also save costs by reducing costs of noise and echo proofing materials.
                                      • Time efficient – Innovative application:

                                        • Being very flexible building materials & easy to be applied with minimum of tools , having almost nil smell these products can be installed in very less time saving labour , construction time & cost which satisfies and capture an architect’s utmost imagination in its shape and form.