High SRI Cool Roofs

CoolTop Eco

CoolTop Eco is the economical version of the CoolTops Premium system, which has similar heat reflective properties but a lesser life span. It is a High SRI roof paint which helps reduce the temperature of the buildings by up to 10-15°C on the surface and 3-4°C internally. The system reduces the generation of heat at the source thus, keeps the interiors cooler. The products use NIR Reflection technology and nanotechnology.

The reduced temperatures result in reduced AC costs, increased thermal comfort and increased life of the infrastructure.

● Single component ready emulsion paint-like coating for the cool roofs, applied as a single
product and as a final finishing coat.
● Elastomeric in nature, resisting the expansion-contraction of the substrate.
● UV resistant and makes the application possible with economics.
● It has an Acrylic base with the use of reflective pigments contributing to the SRI Value.
● Majorly recommended for DIY use for ease of application.
● It can be self-primed for better performance.



Carboy and Buckets
(5kg, 10kg, 20kg)


120 Sq. Ft per Kg 


Cool Tops
Cool Tops

Application Area


Terraces (Cement/ Mother Slab)


Metal Roofs

cool roofs

Green Buildings

cool roofs

Slant/ Flat Roofs


New Roofs


Old Roofs

Applications (Procedure)

CoolTop Eco can be applied directly on a primer coat as a Primer + 2 Coat.

Note: If Transeal (Water – Dust Repellent) coat is applied as a top coat on the CoolTop Eco System, then the life of the system increases.

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A Cool Roof coatings consists of a binder (usually an organic compound or silicone compound) blended with pigments and other additives to provide two main benefits: protection of roof membranes for longer roof life cycles; and reflectivity of solar radiation, for lower air conditioning costs.

The main components of most Cool Roof coatings are the binder, pigment, water and reflective pigments. Water serves as a liquid carrier, which provides viscosity, allowing the pigment and binder to be spread on the roof as a thin coating. The majority of white coatings in use today are water-based coatings

An energy efficient , white, reflective, elastomeric coating manufactured by Panache can reflect up to 92% of visible light, keeping the roof surface much cooler than with aluminum, black, or non-reflective roofing materials. Lower temperatures mean less energy usage, and translate to money saved. Elastomeric roof coatings protect the roof substrate adding years to your roof, plus saves against costly tear-offs and re-roofing.