Insulated Wall Plaster for reducing thermal transmittance

Insulmix Wall Plaster

Insulmix Wall Plaster is a mix of organic & in-organic insulating materials with added advanced materials to enhance the efficiency of insulation & workability. Insulmix wall plaster is a light grey pre-packed cement-based powder concrete mix composed of special hydraulic binders with sealed expanded clay with a size range of 0 to 2 mm, expanded microspheres and minerals, and a special additive for thermal insulation for walls. K Value (Conductivity) (for 12 mm thickness ): 0.09 w/K.M R Value  (for 12mm): 0.302 m2 /K.W 



50Kg Bag of Insulmix Wall Plaster


40 sq. ft/ 20kg bag with thickness of 12 mm


Application Area

Exterior Walls

RCC Walls


Applications Procedure

The Insulmix wall Plaster is plastered on the exterior wall surface with a trowel in the desired thickness.

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