High SRI Coating

High SRI Paints, Coatings & surfaces are the material & substrate that his High Reflectivity & High Emissivity. The measure of a good high SRI material is its SRI Value, i.e. Solar Reflective Index. The High SRI materials are based on IR Reflection technology.

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High SRI Product Range

Our Company assures the Green Pro Certified range of High SRI products & systems, which includes the coatings & paints for Roofs, Walls, Pavements, Cycle tracks, driveways & roads. It’s the most simple, efficient, sustainable & economic surface cooling system, providing solar insulation, working on NIR Reflection Technology & Nanotechnology reducing the generation of heat & thus ingress of heat indoors!

What is High SRI Coating?

Technology - IR Reflection Technology

​ Among all the components of Solar radiation transmitting to earth, almost 58 – 60% of the Solar radiations are of I R Radiations, which get absorbed by the structures, and radiation energy converts to Heat Energy heating up materials. The temperature of The Roofs, Walls, Roads, Buildings, industrial sheds, and tanks; all built structures (with less reflectivity & emissivity) exposed to the Sun gets elevated transmitting the heat indoors and emitting the heat of 60 to 75 °C in the atmosphere.

Any material with high IR Reflective properties will help to reflect the IR radiations coming from Sun and STOP heating of the substrate- Roofs/ Walls/ Roads/Non-Roof Areas and reflect the radiations away from a building, reducing the surface temperatures, leading to a reduction in heat ingress indoors and emission of heat in the atmosphere.

A high thermal emittance also plays a role, particularly in climates that are warm and sunny. Thermal emittance is the ability to radiate absorbed, or non-reflected solar or heat energy. Together, these properties help any substrate to generate less heat and roofs stay up to 20–28 °C cooler & walls stay up to 10 °C cooler than conventional materials during peak summer weather. The measure for a good Cool Surface material is the better value of SRI, more than 100.

Importance Of High SRI Coating

The intense urbanization is contributing to the development of infrastructure and concrete jungles with elevated surface temperatures up to 70 °C high. The urban regions thus experience warmer air temperatures & which contributes to the increased UHI-Urban Heat Island.

When the ambient temperature is 45 °C the surface temperature of the metal substrate is increased to 80 °C & the temperature of the cement surface is increased to 65-70 °C.

Increased solar gain, heat stress, and hot climatic conditions prevail through most of the year, expanding middle class, growing construction sector, and increasing per capita income provokes the desperate requirement for thermal comfort and that has obvious visibility in the increased demand of purchase of “thermal comfort” in form of Air Conditioners – the most prominent positive electricity consumer!

The use of a cool roof represents a promising, reliable, and environmentally friendly passive strategy, one which has the potential to contribute significantly to mitigating UHI. Adopting Cool Surfaces, by raising the albedo (solar reflectance) of a building’s roof reduces unwanted solar heat gain with very good benefits in solar-dominant countries. This saves electricity and lowers peak power demand by decreasing the need for air conditioning and also curbing pollution. It can also cool the outside air, which can mitigate the urban heat island effect and also improve air quality by slowing the reactions that produce smog.

Cool surfaces thus can reduce UHI intensity and building cooling loads, lowering demand for electricity and greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. Various criteria and indices are used to assess the effectiveness of cool surfaces, including solar reflectance index (SRI) and variation in air temperatures.

Our Solutions

  • Cooler roofs & walls mean a Longer Life of roofs, walls with crack prevention & contribution to indoor cooling!

  • Panache has been working since its inception on establishing the High SRI coatings & systems to meet the application challenges and provide sustainable performance maintaining the aged SRI values, taking into consideration of the Indian atmosphere & the construction practices.

  • Application of Cool Tops reduces the metal surface temperature by 25 °C & the cement surface temperature by 18-20 °C; increasing a lot of thermal comforts indoors & reducing in HVAC load! Cool Tops & Cool Wrap range of Panache has the potential to reduce the city temperature by 2 to 3 °C (as stated by GCCA; LBNL); Adopting Cool Tops is one of the most viable ways to combat Climate Change & Global Warming impact!

  • Panache High SRI Coatings can be applied on any type of substrate that is exposed to solar radiation & the coating reflects the IR Radiation as such & has high emissivity with high SRI or Albedo.

Application Areas

Product Certifications

All the products of panache are Green Pro & GRIHA certified. The Company is also in process of getting EPD certification. & CRRC certification for its cooling high SRI products. The use of Panache Cooling products in any project results in a reduction in Power Costs, CO2 Emissions, and GHG emissions & enhances the thermal comfort, Health Benefits, product quality & indoor environment of the premises.

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A Cool Roof coatings consists of a binder (usually an organic compound or silicone compound) blended with pigments and other additives to provide two main benefits: protection of roof membranes for longer roof life cycles; and reflectivity of solar radiation, for lower air conditioning costs.

The main components of most Cool Roof coatings are the binder, pigment, water and reflective pigments. Water serves as a liquid carrier, which provides viscosity, allowing the pigment and binder to be spread on the roof as a thin coating. The majority of white coatings in use today are water-based coatings

An energy efficient , white, reflective, elastomeric coating manufactured by Panache can reflect up to 92% of visible light, keeping the roof surface much cooler than with aluminum, black, or non-reflective roofing materials. Lower temperatures mean less energy usage, and translate to money saved. Elastomeric roof coatings protect the roof substrate adding years to your roof, plus saves against costly tear-offs and re-roofing.