Metal Care

Metal finishes play a role to increase aesthetics and life of the metallic products.Metal finishing alters the surface of metal, which makes it more resistant to rust, corrosion, and wear. Without proper finishing, metal can be damaged quickly by air pollutants, chemicals and normal wear. In fact, without metal finishing, the lifespan of certain metal products would only be a fraction of what it could be.

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Metal Care Product Range

The metal finishes of Panache are just like powder coat which gives an enhanced export-grade finish to the article. The furniture coated with the Panache coatings have a long life and are aesthetic of export quality with various color ranges.

What is Metal Care?

​ Corrosion of metals is the natural phenomenon that takes place slowly, silently, and continuously by certain reactions in presence of air & moisture, due to this reaction the oxide formed by oxidation does not firmly adhere to the surface of the metal and flakes off easily causing “pitting”. Extensive pitting eventually causes structural weakness and disintegration of the metal. Corrosion occurs in the presence of moisture. For example, when the iron is exposed to moist air, it reacts with oxygen to form rust. Corrosion also leads to aesthetic destruction by the flow of iron rust; the reinforcement in the building structure is also prone to corrosion and leads to structural damage and reduces the life of the structure.

Corrosion and rust prevention is essential for metals used in environments where water, high humidity, mist, and salt are factors. In-depth knowledge of substrate material performance, the type of application it will be used for, operating environment, and expected performance levels are essential when selecting an anti-corrosion coating. For indoor furniture, Metal finishes play a role to increase its aesthetics and life too.

Importance Of Metal Care

Metal care and finishing are used to provide aesthetics and environmental protection. It is also used to reduce surface roughness beyond the capabilities of machining operations for parts that must mate or seal. It also includes methods of metal cleaning, descaling, deburring, etc. Metal finishing helps to minimize the wear and tear of metallic products. Some of the chemicals help to reduce the processing time by avoiding the certain process of making the articles corrosion free, this reduces the cost of production as well as increases the life of articles also. In metal treatment, different chemicals are required to treat different metals, like copper, bronze, iron, brass, etc.

Some of the general advantages of metal finishing treatments include:

  • Increased corrosion resistance

  • Protection from fresh rust built up

  • Enhanced life of the articles

  • Increased durability

  • Improved decorative appeal

  • Enhanced electrical conductivity

  • Higher electrical resistance

  • Higher chemical resistance

  • Higher tarnish resistance

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Our Solutions

All the products of Panache being water-based & solvent-free provides health benefits to the applicators. Panache provides a customized solution for the problem to the client.The Eco-friendly coating provides Green points if any company is going for the Green rating for their projects.

We provide Four types of anti-corrosion solutions;

Fresh or Welding Rust Protector - In this type of anti-corrosion treatment, the solution provided by Panache, the article is dipped in the chemical solution & then kept for extra material to be drained. The articles are then buffed and can be kept for some time until the other process takes up. The chemical by Panache thus helps to protect the fresh rust that is formed in between the article is exposed to the atmosphere, until the same goes through the next process.

The same solution is used after welding, the fresh welded part is prone to corrosion, and the anti-corrosion solution for fresh rust helps to protect the area from getting corroded.

The articles or areas treated by these chemicals have to be further treated with corrosion protective coatings.

New Structure Protection - This type of anti-corrosion coating by Panache helps to provide anti-corrosion coating to the new structures, which prevents the article from getting corroded by being exposed to the atmosphere for a longer time. The coating gives enhanced life to the metal structures & articles. It can be in form of a lacquer or PU coat.

Existing Corrosion Remover - This is a corrosion dissolving chemical, that helps to dissolve the existing corrosion by its chemical reaction & converts the corrosion into a black protected surface. The treated surface or area is then prevented from further rusting by a protective coating.

Metal Finishes - This is the final metal finish that is available in different colors and gives a feel of powder coating, it can be done just by simple spray and enhances the look of the furniture or the gift article on which it is applied.

Majorly Panache metal finishes are used for interior furniture to increase its life and aesthetics.

Application Areas

Product Certifications

All the products of panache are Green Pro & GRIHA certified. The Company is also in process of getting EPD certification. The use of anti-corrosion products by Panache helps to reduce the maintenance cost and prevents the wastage of materials, money, and resources.

Other Product Segments

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A Cool Roof coatings consists of a binder (usually an organic compound or silicone compound) blended with pigments and other additives to provide two main benefits: protection of roof membranes for longer roof life cycles; and reflectivity of solar radiation, for lower air conditioning costs.

The main components of most Cool Roof coatings are the binder, pigment, water and reflective pigments. Water serves as a liquid carrier, which provides viscosity, allowing the pigment and binder to be spread on the roof as a thin coating. The majority of white coatings in use today are water-based coatings

An energy efficient , white, reflective, elastomeric coating manufactured by Panache can reflect up to 92% of visible light, keeping the roof surface much cooler than with aluminum, black, or non-reflective roofing materials. Lower temperatures mean less energy usage, and translate to money saved. Elastomeric roof coatings protect the roof substrate adding years to your roof, plus saves against costly tear-offs and re-roofing.