2k Waterproofing System

2K waterproofing system is developed to offer a safe & secure Water based
Solution for any environment. Specially built system for RCC Slabs covering all the measures required for any waterproofing system.

Features and Benefits of the System:
● Waterproof, easy to install.
● Positive vapor barrier.
● Excellent Elongation – Stretch ability without breaking or cracking.
● Accommodate movements.
● Membrane will adapt easily to irregularly shaped surfaces,
● Ideal for installation in restricted spaces.
● Complete water based solvent free system.
● Prevents further corrosion & Pinholes formation due to acid rains or low pH



Carboy and Buckets
(5kg, 10kg, 20kg)


20sq ft/kg



Application Area

Cement Roofs

RCC Slabs

Old Roofs

Applications (Procedure)

  1. Apply diluted form of product ‘Hi seal slurry” as primer for cement surface bonding and added advantage of water proofing on the entire surface, including vata joints if any.
  2. Laying of Fiber mess on primer wet surface.
  3. Preparation of Vata with Admixture of Cement sand and HI CE PACK
  4. Apply two coats of elastomeric waterproofing coating by Hi seal powder and Hi-seal slurry.
  5. Apply Protective Plaster Coat with Hi CE Pack.

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