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High SRI Product Range

Our Company assures the Green Pro Certified range of High SRI products & systems, which includes the coatings & paints for Roofs, Walls, Pavements, Cycle tracks, driveways & roads. It’s the most simple, efficient, sustainable & economic surface cooling system, providing solar insulation, working on NIR Reflection Technology & Nanotechnology reducing the generation of heat & thus ingress of heat indoors!

Thermal Insulation Product Range

Panache’s thermal insulation product range -Insulmix is made of sealed expanded clay, expanded microspheres and minerals.When microspheres and clay are rapidly heated to high temperature, the water vaporizes instantaneously and the crushed expanded clay, expanded microspheres and minerals“pops” like popcorn, expanding till 20 – 40 times its original volume.All the insulating material that is used are a mix of minerals & hard grit like structures with graded particle size forming a compact structure binding ; because of this after some time due to density difference ,settling of material does not take place and air gap is not formed.

Waterproofing Product Range

Roof Waterproofing from Panache gives the range of products protecting the roof from water leakage & weather resistance. Roof Waterproofing provides a complete system for protecting the roof from water leakage at various places & for various applications. Roof Waterproofing also has the specialty of providing a complete system for any problem with technical backups.

Water Repellents Product Range

Panache has a water repellent with both Hydrophobic properties & also Oleophobic properties as a super product, repelling the water & oil base pollution.

Metal Care Product Range

The metal finishes of Panache are just like powder coat which gives an enhanced export-grade finish to the article. The furniture coated with the Panache coatings have a long life and are aesthetic of export quality with various color ranges.

Benefits Of Choosing Panache’s Green Rated Products:

Our Affiliations

We are associated with the leading organizations in India and abroad and are in constant engagement with them to further their efforts on environmental sustainability for our planet.

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A Cool Roof coatings consists of a binder (usually an organic compound or silicone compound) blended with pigments and other additives to provide two main benefits: protection of roof membranes for longer roof life cycles; and reflectivity of solar radiation, for lower air conditioning costs.

The main components of most Cool Roof coatings are the binder, pigment, water and reflective pigments. Water serves as a liquid carrier, which provides viscosity, allowing the pigment and binder to be spread on the roof as a thin coating. The majority of white coatings in use today are water-based coatings

An energy efficient , white, reflective, elastomeric coating manufactured by Panache can reflect up to 92% of visible light, keeping the roof surface much cooler than with aluminum, black, or non-reflective roofing materials. Lower temperatures mean less energy usage, and translate to money saved. Elastomeric roof coatings protect the roof substrate adding years to your roof, plus saves against costly tear-offs and re-roofing.